Ayman Ahmad & Partner for Construction Contracting was founded in Amman city on year 2008. It was classified and registered for practicing works under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Works & Housing and of the Jordanian Contractors Association. The classification was upraised within the subsequent years and according to the completed projects to the second class in addition to another classification that is Concrete works, bridges, intersections and tunnels second class by a capital adjusted to Three hundred and fifty thousand Jordanian dinars.

During its activities, the company implemented and delivered many governmental and private projects and worked on many other projects for the most tremendous Jordanian and foreign companies and Corporations.

In order to accomplish required works and meet our obligations to deliver and accomplish projects as demanded standards and specifications within the lead time, the company employed a very distinguished group of qualified technical cadre of engineers and technicians who enjoy old and wide experience to implement projects. In addition to providing this cadre with all types of surveying and laboratory equipment and modern devices and machinery utilized in the contracting field to secure achievements and turning in completed projects as per demanded specifications and within specific times.


To protect the conception of the competitive leadership, as well as to continuously improve the companies portion in the market through:

  • Maintaining and improving the introduced services and works.
  • Exceeding the stakeholder expectations.
  • Keeping on the building of our reputation, which is based on the honesty and the integrity.
  • Arising our human resources with difficult tasks and safe working environment.

Our aim is to distinguish our companies, to be leader in all our fields, also to obtain the best investing opportunities our mission

Our mission is to introduce an important contribution toward the rapid improvement of the Jordanian structure as well as the construction. Because of the availability of a very competitive market in Jordan whether nationally or internationally, Ayman Ahmad & Partner Company strived to generate the business improvement through providing high-quality services. We, as accompany which specialized in the structure and construction field, do all our best in order to primarily gain our stakeholder satisfaction, and to obtain a stable reputation.


Our vision is to build up the company to be the leader contracting company in the kingdom through providing the high-quality buildings, putting into our consideration our core values.

  • Leadership.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Quality and safety.
  • Accountability and responsibility



have highly qualified Engineers in Civil, mechanical, Electrical and Internal design.

We cooperate with Jordanian Association Engineers by training our engineers with specialized courses such as (PMP, FIDIC, Software programs,…etc) to improves their skills

Also we have highly qualified financial department & professional consultants.



  • Excellence
  • Perfection
  • Teamwork
  • Outstanding results
  • Lasting values



  • Ethical work
  • Safe environment for all workers.
  • The Livable atmosphere for the surrounding areas we work.